May 26, 1918

Sunday May 26th 1918   partly cloudy & warm   Sultry   looks & feels like rain   mother fell down the cellar steps yester & to day she is quite lame   I drest & at 10-30 went to the Hall & GAR   7 GAR marchd with the WRC to the Baptist Church & listened to Rev Dewey in his memorial Sermon which was real good & a large attendance   Mother went to the church & after dinner we heard Rash Hull died in CR & I went down town to find out about it but I found out nothing & came home & was called to the fone & it was Isabel at Hulls   came from Colorado & got with Hulls at CR & Rach came home is very poorly, but not dead   in an hour or so Isabel Marjorie & Ralf cam & we were glad to see them   Ralf & Marjory only staid an hour & went back to Hulls   Isabel will stay here at least to nite   tis very warm & muggy this eve   I went down & Engaged Ed Goodwin to take us to the Taylor cemetery to fix the graves in the morning & then we sat on the porch awhile & visited with Isabel


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