May 18, 1918

Bro [brother] Sam 80 birth day

Sat 18   Awoke in Ioa city feeling midling fair   washd & slickd up  paid $3 for our room   went to a restaurant & got a good breakfast   I took pancakes & strawberries   pd both 70c   we walked to RJ depot  met Barker Brown & he kindly carried both satchels to the depot & I bot 2 tickets to Wellman   pd 1,20 but the agt wanted 1,26   sent a card to Leslie   we came slow   a most beautiful warm pleasant morning & the sun shone nice   we arrived in Wellman near eleven am   I bot meat 25c 3 boxes strawberries 75c buns 10c   Mrs Rupe sent us pie cake cream & cornbread   we had a fine dinner & enjoyed it & our home so nice & pleasant & our garden looks extra fine but our dear boy Vic failed for the first time in many years to meet us at the depot & mostly with the auto   we will forget his faults & remember his many acts of Kindness   I Pd Croset boy 1,50 for taking Cow   Eve we set tomato plants

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