April 17, 1918

Wed 17  Moderate & rain slow & easy all the AM   Crosset boys came early & took my Cow to pasture   first this yr   Maude went to Dr. Mcintosh’s for the day & she sent our mail by a little girl   Bolens the granite man Called after dinner but when he found we had bot a stone he didn’t stay long    the sun came out  warm    flies & bugs hummed a couple of hours this PM   then thunder in the west & dark clouds arose with much thunder & lookd as tho we would have a hard storm   it only raind a moderate cool shower & some hail & the sun set clear   Maude went to a hard time social [1] at the M E church

[1]  I couldn’t find the meaning for a “hard time social”.   However, it was 1918, and the “Great War” was still raging.  There was a world-wide flu epidemic in progress.   This may be the reason for this term.


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