April 16, 1918

Tuesday April 16 1918  beautiful morning & warm  the rain of yesterday & the showers of last nite made the grass grow til most of our lawn needs mowing & I brot the mower from the garret where Vic put it last fall   Dear Vic    we little thot that would be the last time he handled our lawn mower but such is life    young Sloan Calld & took the No [number] of our Auto & Sloans old & young calld til finally this PM the Elder Sloan came & wants the auto   he gave me his note for $500 which will apply on monument when completed & they took the big old 7 passenger 6 cylinder car away & I gave the garage up to Wanrus   Maude came home this eve   Rupes calld this eve   I was down town PM & got butter at Kabakers 80c – 45c a lb   Eardley Bell Calld me to his office to sign statement of income tax [1]  I pd Bell 25c   I mowd some lawn   the first this spring & I raked up the grass & gave it to my Cow

[1] In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system.

Reference: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0005921.html



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