June 16, 1918

Sun 16   Very warm & clear hot sun   we all went to church but Ralf & he said he was sick but he ate a big dinner   tis now at one PM 96 [degrees] in the well house   I got no Muscatine Journal & none yester & Mrs. Macky said it was stopt   I wrote to the Journal   Newt Gardner asked Mother & I to go with them in their auto to John Flemings this PM & we gladly accepted the offer & had a fine nite   made a good social visit at Comrade Flemings   home Early & all went to the Baptist church to Childrens day   extra good singing   very warm & uncomfortable

June 15, 1918

Sat 15   A comfortable mostly clear da   I mowed some lawn   we have pict the last strawberries & how I shall miss them but from earliest to latest I guess I have had my share  the girls got the mail at noon & i recd a letter from Mapelthorpe wanting pay that Vic owed at the clothing store   poor dear vic   he has paid all his debts with his life   when will this cease   I cut a coupon off 2nd liberty loan & drew 8,75 intrest   Sylvia pd me 1,50 for Vic’s picture Leslie sent   I went down town PM & got beef to boil 1,05 oleo 2 lbs 68c   I got shaved 15c   E Bradford called on the porch eve   Ralf & Marjorie came to stay over Sunday I suppose   I met Rach Hull in the barber shop   he is very very poorly & weak not long for this world   the eve train came on time the first for a week or more

June 14, 1918

Friday June 14th 1918   A fine warm day mostly clear   I made a good picket fence in the alley where the barn stood at Zimmermans   Esther Carr went away on the train at noon   we 6 of us wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Joe Albion called & got the gas drum   Shultz from Washington with a Lawyer Wilson called with a note for $275,00 Signed by my dear misguided boy Vic & wanted me to pay it & they threatened me with legal proceedings & they evidently will make me all the trouble they can   even when I might become reconciled to the loss of my dear boy something occurs to deepen the gloom in my old age

June 10, 1918

Mon 10   a very fine day the warmest yet   I mowed some lawn & hoed & raked some   I went down town after dinner & got my Bank book   it was Balanced   Mother & Sylvia pict a fine mess of strawberries   Geo King called at the front door before we were out of bed   he wanted to know about fence   I mowed grass for my cow Eve & morn   I set 4 big tomato plants in the barn garden   the girls got the mail after dinner   train late & now at 9,25 it has not come this eve   Isabel & Sylvia washd   I took our wash to Carrie   I filld rat holes with glass & cement & put much dirt filling around the barn & in rat holes   I have been poisoning rats & am in hopes I have our place free of the pests

June 9, 1918

Sun 9  warmer clear sunny AM cloudy PM   We all 8 went to church AM & heard a long commonplace Sermon on the parable of the woman stiring leaven into 3 measures of meal   home to a good big dinner cooked on our electric stove   boy brot my laundry pd 20c for one shirt & one collar   we all went to Childrens day exercises at the church this eve   many little tots took part

June 8, 1918

Saturday June 8 1918    A most beautiful comfortable drying day   I hoed some in the Barn garden   Mail 2 hrs late   Electric Johnson called & got wire &c left here I gave him a Check for $10 for resetting our electric stove we had a most bountiful dinner new beets peas strawberry short cake &c &c   the girls got the mail after dinner & I went down & put C Rickey $87,00 note due next feb in my deposit box & got soap 25c & starch 25c   came home & hoed in the barn garden but tis too wet   I hoed beans west of the grape arbor   the girls & their Kids all went down town this eve & is now 9-20 & the train from the E has not come trains are irregular on acct of high water washouts & bridge gone the girls came in at 11 oclock & Ralf with them

June 7, 1918

Isaac writes a short statement about how the war in France is going.

Fri 7 A fine temperate clear dry da  Our Strawberries are doing fine Isabel & Marjorie were all day at Amos Hulls   we wrote to Leslie   so did Sylvia & Leila   I hoed my late sweet corn & some in the barn garden but tis mostly too wet to hoe   mail was 2 or 3 hours late  here at 1-15 PM & Eve [evening] came at 9  our Soldiers in France are holding the germans level about now & I am very glad to know  it we went up to Ezras this eve & visited with him saw his well cultivated garden & Leila played his Victrola & we enjoyed the eve til 10 oclock & found Isabel & Marjorie home in bed   I finished piling manure

June 6, 1918

Thurs 6   A very fine day mostly clear  It rained a little this morning  I pulled a few weeds   I mowed a little grass for the cow   the girls 3 went with me for the mail & I got them candy   I got 2 lb P B coffee 50c   we had lots of strawberries for dinner & strawberry short cake for supper   E Bradford called a while this eve  also Rupe & I looked over Old diaries looking for wet years   I lookd 1884 & 86 & 69   the year of Sun Eclipse

June 5, 1918

Wednesday June 5 1918   Hazy & drying quite warm   I piled a little manure & I sprouted our potatos   3 or more bushels & then Isabel & I went the 4th time to the depot to meet Sylvia & her girls & they failed to come & we got no word   I waited & got the mail  only the Hawkeye   Isabel & Mother pict a fine lot of Strawberries it commenced to rain about 3 PM & goodness knows we dont need it   we were talking about going to the train to meet Sylvia & that we would go at 5-30 when about 4-30 they all 3 came bounding into the Kitchen & Mother Isabel & I were surprised they came from west & we expected them from the East and were very glad to see them   the Turnipseeds brot the trunks & carried them upstairs  it lookd old fashioned & pleasant when we all assembled around our bountiful supper table but I so missed our dear boy Vic   there was a vacant chair

June 2, 1918

Sun 2  A very fine still pleasant day   Ralf & Marjorie came last nite & are here to day   we all went to church AM   it rained last nite thunder showers   my corn in the potatoes is just coming up   we had lots of extra fine strawberries for dinner   Ralf & Marjorie went down to Hulls after supper   Isabel has headache & ate no supper   Mother & I sat on the porch awhile   she had gone to bed   I read Natl tribune awhile & took a bowl of water to Isabel   she has Vics room   Dear boy Vic   I think of him when I go to bed for I allways left the door unlocked for him & I think of him first in the morning   farewell Vic