March 24, 1918

Sunday March 24 1918  heavy frost this morning but a bright fine day  the 3 girls Dave & I went to Church AM but Ellen & Mother staid at home  I went to Cady & Jones garage & engaged a man to drive our car to the Taylor cemetery   this PM at 3 we started for the cemetery with Arthson? Jones driver & were soon there  allways a melancholy spot  it seemed much more so to day  when I thot of the many times Vic had taken us there & now he lies there for all time I could harly control my feelings  we found vics grave covered with flowers & went around & saw other graves of relatives & friends & were soon back home & put our auto in the Shiller garage & I pd Jones $2 for 5 gals gasoline & driving  Chas & Hattie Darbyshire calld & Ellen went with them to Keota & will go home  Dave Nora Harriet & Maude went to church this eve  a beautiful nite


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