March 23, 1918

Sat 23  partly cloudy & cooler lt E wind  we arose at 6-30 & soon Ellen Gardner came with her auto & took Roy to Washington to go home & Clem Greig left middle AM to visit friends up west  I made a fire in the furnace & burned the many many flower boxes  our 3 girls Nora Harriet & Maude with Dave are having a good visit & with their Aunt Ellen  Mother is feeling more reconciled to day & was around the Kitchen some  I finishd spreading manure on my garden & I think all the time of my Dear Boy Vic & why oh why must he do this rash act  how lonely we will be & oh how he must have suffered while contemplating this sad ending of his bright & promising young life  a week ago this PM he clerkd a sale there in town & now lies cold in the Taylor Cemetery  farewell Dear Vic  Mrs Myrtle McReynolds & family sent us a fine boquet of hot house flowers


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