March 18, 1918

When I first read the following passage about Victor Carris Carr, Isaac and Margaret’s son, I considered not adding this journal entry and others that followed to this blog because of the sensitivity of the event, but this is Isaac’s story.  So, they will be included.  Also, since Vic was unmarried and had no descendants, the decision was a little easier to make.

Monday March 18 1918  An extra fine warm day  I fixt some lawn where our gas pit was & I spread some manure & got an old heavy bench I bot at a sale Sat [Saturday] & Moore phoned to Mother [that] Vic had shot himself & soon word came that he had past away with out regaining conscious & Oh how we were shockd & such a good business man in the Bank & so Kind to his parents   Evrything allways suited him & he never gave his parents a saucy or unkind word   I never heard him use any bad language & we cant imagine any cause whatever for the rash deed   many of our kind neighbors came to help & offer sympathy & Mrs Morrow kindly telegraphed to all our children & John & Ellen Brewer & we heard from Nora Maude & Harriet   Vernon & Geneva Sigler came from Washington this eve & Vernon took me to the Hotel & I got a long distance [call] from Harriet   she will be in Washington at 7 tomorrow morning & Effie Hull will meet them with her auto   Mother is nearly prostrated & cannot be consoled or comforted   our gloomiest & most sorrowful day


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