January 1, 1918

tues Jan 1st  temperate & cloudy  S to Sw lt [light] wind  vic home last nite & to dinner  Bank closed but he workd some  I fed the last of 8 good shox of sweet corn to cow  we had mush & milk for supper  Mrs Wanrus [sp?] called & brot Krout  this has been a good yr to raise corn $1,00 bu but too much of it soft & dont incline to dry  a good yr for oats 70c bu 50 to 100 bu to acre  my strawberries were fair  potatos good 27 bu at digging  sweet corn good & plenty  few watermellons  hogs $15 to $17 cwt  Egs 41c doz  chickens 17 1/2 lb not drest  letter from Leslie  he sent medicine for Mother  she is not feeling well  I have got no furnace wood from the timber yet  tis thawing this eve


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