April 15, 1918

Mon 15  Cloudy dark rainy SE slow & Easy   I got Henry Lindauer to help me take my cow to McConels   3 good covers   the cow got away from us & was mean as she could be but we made it all right & Henry would take no pay as this is the 3rd time this Spring   I am in hopes she will stick   young Sloan calld this AM to sell me a tombstone   I showed him my auto & he thot they could use it  let me know Wed but didn’t wait that long   about 3 or 4 PM Sloan & another son came & lookd the auto over & went away in the rain   after supper Maude went to Dr Gardners for the nite   Mr Sloan calld again & staid till 10-30 & we made a deal wherein I let him have my auto for $500 & pay him $325 Cash for a stone set on a deep cement & rock foundation in the Taylor Cemetery   stone to be red Wisconsin granite 6 ft high in the foundation 5 ft wide & 2 ft thick suitably inscribed with 4 corner markers & 3 other markers on cement & rock foundation  all to be done as soon as Sloan can get the stone

April 14, 1918

Sun 14   A fine dry da & a little warmer   light SSE wind  Suzane went to Sunday school & home   Mother Maude & I went to church & after dinner we went to Fred Klockentergers an hour or 2   a fine PM for walking   I have a fire in the grate all day   we went to church in the eve  Maude & I   Mother feels sick & dizzy & feels better at home   we got home about 9 & found mother abed   I read awhile

April 13, 1918

Saturday April 13 1918   A very fine day warm sunny day   I spaded some ground for mother   Mr Rupes came early & gave me a few strawbery plants   I went over where Rupe & Col Hull & Shrader & Love were cutting down 2 trees   I went down town AM & PM   I got mail & meat & exchanged 2 books   I tied up more grape vines   Suzan Gardner came this eve to stay with Maude   Maude went to Ioa City with Effie Hull & back at 4 PM   Mother calld on our renters Zimmerman

April 2, 1918

Tues 2   Cool & cloudy   cool NE wind   thunder & shower   I got right to work this morning & uncovered my strawberries   then a Central Life Assurance agt came to adjust the policy held by Dear boy Vic  Evry yearly dues was fully pd up & the adjuster handed mother a draft for $2000,00   H G Moore came with the man   Vic must have had his mothers intrest at heart when he kept the policy so well pd up   tis very hard to give him up   I was proud of him   I went down town & got a thick nice beef steak $1,00   Harriet cookd it    Painters finishd at noon grape arbor & all   I gave Ward chk for 7,75 for paint  shower this eve   kept cow in Barn

April 1, 1918

Mon Apr 1st  A most beautiful dry warm da   I stretchd 4 wires on my grape arbor & put fire in grate   I made rows & mother planted sweet peas  2 painters came & finished up stairs & bedroom   insurance adjuster calld this Eve representing the Natl Life   he will call again tomorrow   all 3 girls went to Lymans this eve   have fire only in grate  our bedroom is newly painted & mother & I will sleep in the parlor to nite

March 31, 1918

Sun 31  A fine warm day  partly cloudy   we all 5 went to church at 11 AM & this morning according to orders from hd qtrs we chang our time & all clocks were set ahead 1 hr & church at 11   we had hamenegs for dinner & all have good appetites but oh I cant forget my dear boy Vic   why must he take his own life   I think of him so often   a doz or more all kids but Mrs Melinger were taken in the church   we went again to church in the eve & 5 were taken in the church  Turnipseed & Rickey

March 30, 1918

Saturday March 30th 1918  A fine warm day  I got my varnish can from Zimmermans & he gave me a check for $15,00 rent for Apr  I sawd up all the old grape arbor pieces for Kindling & raked up some trash  I deposit 8,00 & keep 7,00  Zimmerman check  I got 21 in [inches] gingam for Maude & pd her 1,00 I owed her  I got needles 10c  2 qts onion sets 40c smokd ham 55c butter 1 lb 50c & oleo 1 lb 34c  I maild pkg for Maude 9c  several lady callers   to bed 10,30

March 26, 1918

Tue 26  A fine cool da[y]  Cool E wind   Kopoch came & workd near all day raking & burning & planting potatos & spaded the barn garden   I pd Kopach 2,50   Wes Whetstine patched plaster at Brown house & I pd him 1,35   Fay White took a load of trash from Brown cellar   I pd him 50c   I went to Bank meet[ing] and pd H W Denker $630,00, a Vic & Leslie note   I gave John Romine one $ [for]  Fred K gar dues  we nearly finished planting potatos   A Turnipseed plowed garden & I pd him $1,50   I got 40c pork for dinner   Smith called to see about painting   I got 2 gals paint from Wards $7,50

March 25, 1918

Mon 25  A very fine warm day   I took our clothes to Carrie Ash & went to see Kopoch about working for me   Zimmerman calld & I went with him to the Brown House & I went to see Torrey Harvey about painting & found him laying with lame back   I settled undertakers bill with Bidwell & son & gave my check for $370,90   I went with Dave to the Bank & paid a note of $125,00 & another for $1500,00 & $50,00 & another for $117,50   I got 40c pork for dinner this eve   at 5 the 3 girls & I went with Dave to the depot & he took the train for St. Paul & we will be lonesome with out him  Rach Hull & Effie called & borrowed a spade

March 24, 1918

Sunday March 24 1918  heavy frost this morning but a bright fine day  the 3 girls Dave & I went to Church AM but Ellen & Mother staid at home  I went to Cady & Jones garage & engaged a man to drive our car to the Taylor cemetery   this PM at 3 we started for the cemetery with Arthson? Jones driver & were soon there  allways a melancholy spot  it seemed much more so to day  when I thot of the many times Vic had taken us there & now he lies there for all time I could harly control my feelings  we found vics grave covered with flowers & went around & saw other graves of relatives & friends & were soon back home & put our auto in the Shiller garage & I pd Jones $2 for 5 gals gasoline & driving  Chas & Hattie Darbyshire calld & Ellen went with them to Keota & will go home  Dave Nora Harriet & Maude went to church this eve  a beautiful nite