December 23, 1917

Sunday, December 23rd 1917 Dark & Cloudy threatning all day I went to church AM Mother had a dizzy spell & couldnt go our old fone wont work & aftr dinner I went to find Vic I want him to take hands to the timber tomorrow to chop wood I found him working at the Bank John Carr calld this Eve & he will chop 10 or 12 cords of wood & make some posts for 5c each & wood 1,25 a cord Mrs. W. P. Gardner calld this eve & brot mother a Christmas from Lavanda a nut bowl & 6 cups, nice this eve I read my little book thru Isabel sent me & while I am not particularly charmd by the authors style & diction & composition & Rhyme & his Annanias-like simplicity (90 bu corn to the acre in Colo[rado]) yet I admire the affection & the thoughts that prompted Isabel to send it to her father as a Christmas gift (In the Valley of the Grand)1

1In the Valley of the Grand, by Earnest Leaverton, 1917, can be viewed at The book refers to Grand Junction, Colorado where Isabel lives.


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