October 10, 1917

In the following journal entry, Isaac reminisces about his youth when his parents, and siblings lived for a short time in a primitive Washington County, Iowa in 1844.  After Isaac’s sister, Amanda, was born, the family moved back to Scioto County, Ohio, where they had come from.  Isaac’s compares the value of a steer to the cost of his automobile and ponders the future.

Wed 10  Cloudy Cold NW air  After breakfast I took my wheel barrow & 2 small gunney sax & went to Darnells & got 2 box oats 65 cents bu  I pd J. Lindsey 1,30  I went down town at eleven  recd a letter from mother  She wil start home Thurs morn  Also a letter from Sylvia & Isabel & I was glad to get it  I took a cup of coffee & hamburg sandwich at Lewis 15 cents  I came home aftr 3 & got ready & vic came with auto & we took 2 box oats & 2 box Barley to Wassonville to be ground for the cow  Going to mill in an auto I thot of the diference now & 73 years ago  First time I went to Wassonvill my father drove a yoke of young steers to a wagon  He had a rope on one steers horns & walkd & drove our rig  All told then worth probably 60$ or 70  to day $1100 & no steers to pul it  What a change & I belive there will be more & greater change in the next 73 yrs  I am taking Doans Kidney pills 6 a day  I got my Barley of Crosset am to pay 1,25 a bu  Mon or tues I took Mrs. W. Crosset a lot of vic’s old clothes to make over for her many little kids  I gave one a cap this morn  I have a nice cool fire in the grate this eve  Miller & Brown bot a basket of hickory nuts at 9 this eve


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