October 9, 1917

A series of sad events marred the month of October 1917.   The first event involved Margaret’s brother, Addison Taylor.  Addison served with Isaac in the same infantry unit during the Civil War and they were very close friends.  Isaac is also probably concerned about his son, Victor, as he underscored his commentary.

Tuesday, October 9, 1917   I got a box Doans Kidney pills pd 6 cents   Showery cold in the morning but got warmer & light showers all day  I churnd over 4 lbs of extra fine looking butter & Florilla Longwell & S. Topping [Sarah Topping] came & took it out & washe the churn & cream jar & came again in the eve & moulded the butter into one lb prints real nice   Mrs. Longwell made my bed much nicer & smoother than I can make it   at one pm I went to the funeral of Mrs. Oldaker 83 yrs   short service at the house & by auto to Frytown for burial   I recd card of 8th from Mother  Add [Addison] is no better & later I got a telegram from Charley Rinehart that Add died at 2 pm yester the 8th the last of the Taylor boys gone  boys of my boyhood day & Steve Leighton  good bye Add   I wrote to Mother & enclosed a card from Lavanda saying Dr. Schmidt of Postville Hospital is badly hurt in auto & train wreck & Leslie is helping care for him & with many other patients is very busy   Mrs. Dr. Wells calld twice left Temperance Circulars & afterward wanted flowers   I took her a nice bunch when I maild mothers letter  now at 7-30 very dark & looks rainy   Vic didn’t come home last nite   I split some old hard grubs & wood for Mrs. Florilla Longwell.


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