February 20, 1917

Isaac purchased a new journal book from Montgomery Ward and annotated his purchase on February 20, 1917 on the inside of the front cover.

Inside the front cover of Isaac's journal
Inside the front cover of Isaac’s journal

Isaac often wrote sayings he heard, family home addresses, and anything that came to mind in the front and back covers of his journal books. Isaac made a note of the following three songs he must have liked and said that Dreams of Galilee was “a good reckord”.

  • Dreams of Galilee, Edison Mixed Quartet, ca. 1913[1]
  • Sing Me the Rosary, Frank Henri Klickmann, composer, 1913[2]
  • Wonderful Country

Other notations on the back cover, included his children’s home addresses and the following notes:

A W Crans for dept Com [Commander] State Encmpt [Encampment] in Davenport June 1917  he is member Aug Wentz Post Davenport No 1 

James Hickey Adjt [Adjutant] for P Eagle Com 

Balch bros & West Co 207 & 209 John St Utica NY for grave markers 

Isaac pasted a guarantee notice for stockings he purchased on the back cover of this journal.



[1] Intertique: Edison Blue Amberol Records for Sale, http://www.intertique.com/Edison_Blue_Amberol_records.html

[2] University Libraries, Ball State University, Digital Media Repository, http://libx.bsu.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ShtMus/id/753

Listen to the recorded song Sing Me the Rosary here: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=%27sing+me+the+rosary%22#id=1&vid=0c0f9c43290c749084331308594ad9a7&action=click


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