January 10, 1916

For Installation Jan 10, 1916 

Mr President Ladies of WRC & Comrades 

As a GAR post we have reason to be satisfied with our record   for the past yr we have lost no members & mist but 2 meetings  our thanks as an organization are due the Masonic fraternity of Wellman for the free use of this well furnished & well cared for hall for the past yr & while we hear the oft repeated peace on Earth & good will toward men we are thankful it still applies to this part of the Earth  it does not apply to Europe  never since we became a Nation has there been greater cause for giving thanks for blessings that we have recd than at the present time  for 50 yrs we have had almost (except for Cuba & Philipines) uninterrupted peace & prosperity  50 yrs ago last Summer when we returned to our homes from the civil war none seemed to think but that we had made good Soldiers,  they seemed Satisfied with the results but the question arose, would we make good citizens  no doubt many good people worried as to the result of Army life on our good behavior & feared lest military manners might have a tendancy [to] make us undesirable citizens, the saloons got ready for a bigger trade  police court judges lookt for a rushing business  farmers watched their chickn coop & mellon patches & turkeys roosted high, but what did happen as a fact, of course we were full of joy & there was something doing when Johny came marching home, probably we had forgotten some of our table manners   didn’t know what to do with a napkin & maybe even forgot to Eat our pie with a fork but there was something doing from that time on, & this country took on a new lease of life, & flourished as it had never flourished before, since the war counting Lincoln the best soldier of us all, we have had 7 of the 11 pres [presidents?] in Evry dpt of life   veterans have been in high places & now the few that are left tho well past the meridian of life are with few exceptions in comfortable circumstances & of an average respectability our association with the WRC that most creditable type of American womanhood is enuf of itself to give us respectability  we greatly appreciate these meetings & the many good dinners & social times we have enjoyed & we hope to so conduct ourselves to be worthy the respect & Encouragement of our Sister organization & worthy to be considered a firm defender of the Stars & Stripes  I could pay no higher tribute to a comrade than to say he Served his country well & I could pay no higher tribute to American womanhood than to Say She was a member in good standing of Ed Hamlin WRC No. 88


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