September 14, 1915

Isaac and Margaret traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for the 1915 Grand Army of the Republic Encampment.

Tuesday September 14th 1915  Vic Isabel & Dave went with us in my car to Iowa City & at the Depot they left Mother & I  & were to come home by Philip Schwimleys & bring Nora who had phoned me this morning  we Started for Desmoines  fare 4,84 at 3,45 past  Tiffin & Oxford [train stops on route] car crowded & hot  past Marengo at 4,30  Victor 4,50 Brooklin at 5 & cooler  Malcom & Grinnell first stop Kellog & Newton 5,50 Colfax 6-8 min  lights burning & looks Sundown & arrived in D [DesMoines] 6,45  pd 75c for a jitney ride to the Savery house [1] & while at Supper recd a telephone from Martin Scranton in Desoto that John Brewer is laying at the M E Hospital with a broken arm caused by Auto accident  yester [yesterday]  Elen is with him & they were to come home with us from Desmoines  Mother & I took Street car & by much inquiry found the hospital & on the 5th floor room 516 found John & Ellen  he is not Suffering but both feeling blue  we staid awhile to encourage them  came back to the Savery & have a splendid parlor room with bath and supper  cost 1,43 to bed at 10-30

Renaissance Savery Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa (Photo credit: Marriott Renaissance)
Renaissance Savery Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa (Photo credit: Marriott Renaissance)

[1] The Savery Hotel is now owned by Marriott and is undergoing renovation.  The hotel’s website states:  “Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Renaissance Savery Hotel stands as an elegant architectural landmark in the heart of downtown Des Moines.”


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