September 1915

Random notes written by Isaac Newton Carr inside the cover of his 1915 journal follow.

  •  he has lived a busy life  the life of the avr [average?] midwest farmer  he & his good wife have brot up ther children as they Should & now they live in this community  a blesing to their parents  (It is thought that Isaac was writing about he and his wife as he pondered their 50th wedding anniversary approaching later in the month.)
  • I have heard it estimated that not more than 1 married couple in a 1000 reaches the 50th milestone known as the golden wedding.
  • on returning from war first got married & showed best of judgmt in choosing life companion  she is ever reddy to help folks and comrades
  • 50 yrs 1/2 century of wedded life
  • It is 149 miles by rr from Wellman to Clermont  (Isaac’s son, Dr. Leslie Carr, lives in Clermont)
  • Pray for peace in Europe



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