January 8, 1915

The war in Europe was on Isaac’s mind as he wrote this speech, as well as a movement to redesign the American flag.

For joint Installation on Jan 8 1915

Ladies of WRC & Comrades

Im again assuming the duties of this office  I thank my comrades for their continued & united Support & confidence the past year & I hope to perform the duties assigned to me to the best of my ability & in behaf of our post I thank you ladies for meeting with us on this occasion  & for the excellent dinner we have enjoyed  I believe I voice the sentiment of both post & corps in hoping we may have many more installations & many more dinners all in the spirit of DC&L in the years yet to come   the thanks of Ed Hamlin post are due the Masonic Order of Wellman for their Kindness their unselfish generosity & Patriotism in tendering us the use of their hall for a meeting place as long as our organization exists & free of all cost  Surely comrades we appreciate their kindness altho our years are growing many & our numbers growing few & less with each returning year yet taking our organization as a whole local state & Natl we have much yet very much to be thankful for 

Never since we became a nation has there been greater cause for giving thanks for blessings that we enjoy of all the nations of the earth  I mean of all the great Nations of the earth (for we rank as one of the great Nations) we alone can quote with right good will that oft repeated Christmas saying, peace on earth & good will to men & we are thankful at least I feel that we ought to be thankful that 3000 miles of Atlantic bring deep roll between our peaceful shore & the war cursed lands of Europe  no firing acros that line as has been going on down on the Arizona line dropping Mexican bullets on American soil Killing innocent men women & children & wounding others   we are thankful they cant shoot acros that line of 3000 miles & now that we have so much to be thankful for & so little to complain of I want to offer a resolution a joint resolution to both post & corps  you no doubt have all heard & read of the attempt being made to change the face of our Natl flag  anyhow it has raised a storm of protest all over the country Especially in GAR & WRC circles   I pledge my allegiance to that flag under which so many of my comrades fot [fought] & died & earnestly protest against any change being made in it & while this Salute can in no sense take the place of the regular flag Salute, it is good patriotic sentiment & expresses the feeling of that post but I must offer my resolution before I forget it  

Resolved that we the members of Ed Hamlin Post 112 dpt [department] Ioa [Iowa] GAR together with Ed Hamlin WRC No 88 in joint installation assembled go on record as being unalterably opposed to any change being made in our Natl flag   Especially do we object to any part of the confederate or rebel flag being added to old glory  

Adopted with much hand clapping & voted publisht in Advance [Wellman Advance newspaper] & National Tribune.


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