January 10, 1913

Isaac’s Speech – WRC Installation – January 10, 1913

Mrs. President Ladies of WRC & Comrades 

We commence the new yr under Comparatively favorable condition  our regular meeting day in dec was discouraging to our organization  we met here at the usual hour a few of us  the weather was cold & the room was cold  finaly Adjt Bradford asked us to go to the PO & hold our meeting  we were only fairly Settled when a motion was made [that] we disband  after a Short discussion the motion carried with little opposition tho I believe Each one felt in their hearts they were doing Something they disliked very much to do the main regret seemed to be the Severing of our fraternal relations with the WRC & our last act as an organization was a resolution (past unanimously) thanking our Sister organization for their many acts of kindness  the many helps social & financial & our sincere appreciation of the Same,  this it was resolved should be put in shape & written out by the Comdr to be read at this meeting  when the WRC install their officers,  in one Sense our organization made then a will bequeathing to the WRC Evry thing belonging to dpt headqrs  this marble tablet & gavel which Mrs. C C Gardner had taken great pains to secure & bring from Washington DC & presented to the post by the WRC Jan 2 1903  also the desk presented a short time before this at which our adjt [Adjutant] conducts the business of the post  also a sum of Confederate money sent to our post by _______[left blank] to be held as a remembrance of war times  the drums were not mentioned but had it been necessary to present the resolution here I should have included them in the list,  at the last meeting of the WRC a Committee was appointed to confer with a like Committee from the post to see if this matter of disbanding could be reconsidered  Mrs Longwell being chrmn of the committee Kindly askd them to meet at her home  the result was a meeting of comrades was called at the PO last fri & in point of Nos [numbers] & in point of Enthusiasm the meeting Exceed any post meeting in 3 yrs or more & more of a feeling of J C & L was exhibited than I Supposed existed in Ed Hamlin post  the quest of disbanding was Soon reconsidered & officers were elected for the Ensuing yr & all seemed determined to do what they could to keep the post alive for a time at least & the credit of this belongs to the WRC in genl & to the Committee of which Mrs Longwell was chrmn in Particular  it was decided at this meeting that from now on the Post dispense with all services & ceremonies on decoration day turning that matter over to the Cittizens under the direction of the WRC  I thank you ladies in the name of my comrades for the intrest you have manifested in our organization not only at this time but for many yrs past  I thank you for the privilege of meeting with you on this occasion & for the Excellent dinner you have so well served  I thank you all


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