December 30th and 31st, 1912

Forty-seven years after the Civil War ended, it was clear that the Grand Army of the Republic could not remain viable.  With each passing year, more veterans were dying.  Isaac and his fellow comrades at the Ed Hamlin GAR Post were considering the inevitable. 

Monday December 30th 1912 A very fine day  I helped wash & Leslie went to Fosters to hunt with Wayne   I learned of the death of Comrade B. F. Brown [Benjamin F.] of Crawfordsville, Iowa  he served nearly 4 years in the same Co with me Co. F 11th Iowa  I went down town awhile to see some comrades about meeting tomorrow to reconsider the disbanding of our post 

Tuesday Dec 31 1912  A very fine sunny day  I chopt & sawd some wood in the alley & shelled much corn  pumpkins in the cellar are rotting & I am feeding them to Jersey once a day  pm I attended Bank meeting, very little business done  I got 15c  crackers  a few of the Post met 3 WRC at Longwells & tried to resurrect the post  they made poor progress


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