September 26, 1915

Sunday September 26th 1915  A rainy day   I shaved   quite dark in the house & no Electric   we all went to church & filled a pew & 2 over   Harriet & Isabel Sang in the choir   I thanked Rev Smith for the kind Expression from the parsonage on our 50th Anniversary   Roys & Nellies all here for dinner & now at 4-45 it has rained most of the time   I got a big mess of Sweet corn for dinner

September 23, 1915

Thursday 23   Cloudy but a pleasant cool day  SW wind  we went to the train & saw Maude Carr of [off] & Lavanda off & Maude will go home  I gave her a draft for $50,00   we then went by invitation to H. L. Foster’s & we past a most enjoyable day & H. L. Foster & family are a most social & entertaining people  we came home at 4 pm & after supper we bade good bye to Dave & Vic took him to Iowa City & he will go home to St. Paul & we were sorry to part with him  he is good company and a gentlemen  it looks like rain   is some warmer   Nellie & family came this eve 

September 22, 1915

Wednesday, September 22, 1915   An extra fine cool day   South wind   I went to the meat shop & got 50 cents boiled ham & got 2 large watermellons 50 cents & we got proofs of pictures of yester[day] & we all pict out the 3 wanted & I took them to the photographer & bargained for 18 pictures of Each for $25,00 in 2 weeks  then we all took our dinner & went to Charley Rowe’s on our old farm [new owner of Isaac’s farm]   I hired Lon Fleming to take a load [of guests] & come for them in the eve   Roy took a load & Vic made 2 trips   We had the best day & ate our dinner in the old orchard & went to the Creek & saw old familiar scenes  the girls nearly raised the roof off the old house singing & we surely enjoyed ourselves   Mr. Rowe’s folks ate dinner with us & gave us as many apples as we would take   old familiar apples that we ate long years ago  we looked at all the old familiar buildings & places   Willard went to Keota & will go home   Leslie took the 9 morning train for Clermont   Lavanda will stay longer also Harriet   Vic brot home 6 pigeons he shot out there   I set 2 mole traps  I went to Arle’s and got our washing & pd [paid] Currie 1,25

September 21, 1915

Isaac and Margaret celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in grand style on September 21, 1915.  Ten of their children attended.   Isaac’s oldest son, Harvey Taylor Carr, who lived in Minneapolis, did not attend, but Harvey’s daughter,  Estermae (Jean) Carr traveled to Wellman, Iowa for the celebration – probably with her uncle, David Arthur Carr, who also lived in Minneapolis at the time.

Jean wrote about her visit to Wellman in a letter to me, saying “I had no contact with the Carrs while growing up – until their golden wedding.  I was 21 at the time – went to it without an invitation and was treated royally.  Many of them kept in touch with me after that.”  It is because of Jean that I have the original photos taken that day.

Isaac’s account of this special occasion follows.

Tuesday, September 21, 1915  Our 50th Wedding Anniversary & a most beautiful day   our children all at home except for Harvey   we past a most pleasant day   our good children presented us with a most beautiful mahogany Hall clock 8 day with chimes for every quarter hour   Willard  [DeYoe] fixt it in complete running order & it is a fine ornament for any home & every time it strikes the hour it brings the memory of our beloved children   Leslie came early this morning from Dr. Gardners & he & Lavanda staid all day   Our photographer came at 11,40 & took Negatives of the whole group in 4 different settings 

Isaac and Margaret's Wedding Anniversary Photo with their siblings (seated) and their children and grandchildren .  Jean Carr is in the back row, second from the right.
Isaac and Margaret’s Wedding Anniversary Photo with their siblings (seated) and their children and grandchildren (standing) . Jean Carr is in the back row, second from the right.

Then all but Mother & I were called in the parlor & lastly mother & I were escorted in & Willard made a touching & interesting address & presented us with the clock   I responded as best I could  my feelings touched as never before    Several boquets of greenhouse roses   Mr. & Mrs. Shiller sent us a small gold enamel clock   Mrs. McFarlane sent me a very nice Innitial tie holder & mother a nice gold nut spoon & sent a letter expressing her friendship & regards   Mell [Melvin] Squires [Margaret Taylor Carr’s first cousin, once removed] sent fine roses  & a letter with all good wishes  Ezra Bradford sent me a nice gold GAR pin   Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Gardner a nice letter Expressing their regards & friendship   Ellen & John [Brewer] & Add [Addison Taylor] a nice table cloth   we all went to the photographers this pm & sat for pictures & mother & I for one by ourselves   we gave Esther Carr $6 to buy a ticket home to St. Paul & she went at 4-45   Mary went to the train with her  we all had ice cream & cake this eve 



September 20, 1915

Mon 20  dark cloudy  Sprinkled in the morning but Cleared off   cooler   it lightened fast & Steady in the nite   we had lights on awhile this morning   I Set out a dozen or more Strawberries & got a big mess of Sweet corn & I went down town & got bananas oranges lemons & walnuts Beans celery apples cheese gsnaps [gingersnaps] Eggs butter ice cream & candy about $5   I recd $203,00 from Adm [Administrator] of Woolen Est intrest to 15 Aug   went to train Eve & met John & Ellen [Brewer] Add T [Addison Taylor]   Vic & Dave went to Ioa City to meet Leslie & Lavanda.

September 19, 1915

Sun 19  An extra fine warm day  We all went to M E Church AM  Willard assisted but A M Smith preached & we had a long table Set for dinner & PM Vic kept our auto going taking one aftr another out for a ride & After we had lunch in the Eve Vic took my Car & Roy his & we all went to Keota & Called at Deyoe’s  found him [James S. Deyoe] very poorly  he is very thin & weak & has at times a very hard Cough  we went to the Keota M E Church & Willard preached & the Congregation were all invited to shake hands with him & we met many old friends & glad to see them

September 18, 1915

Saturday September 18th 1915  A very fine warm day  we arose a little late  it rained & thunder & lightning latter part of nite  we had a long table for meals to day  plenty of pancakes for breakfast & mother & I & our 6 good girls went to WRC for dinner  had a fine dinner & staid to a program  Vic sang 2 solos  Flora Wells spoke  Mrs Romine read  I gave a short talk & recd a rising salute of thanks after Supper we all went to picture show  midling fair   home & to bed at 10 oclock  I got 75c beef to boil & cheese 25c  I got a small mess of Sweet corn  Jap & some of the children here

September 17, 1915

Sept 17th  A very fine day & Mother & I arose in Iowa City & pd our bill at the Jefferson Hotel 2,50 for bed & nice room & we went to the Merchants restaurant for breakfast & for both of us I pd 55c  then to RI depot & bot 2 tickets for Wellman $1,12  I saw Several acquaintances at Depot Ash Alfred Wells & Booth had been to buy land in Dakota  Saw Jim McClelland & we arrived safe in Wellman at 10,20 & found our boys with 2 autos to meet us & with grand children  loaded up & were soon at home & our 6 Extra good girls met us at the East porch & we Surely had a glad reunion & I am very proud of my 6 good girls  in due time a fine dinner was ready & after dinner Willard took Vics car & went to Keota & Roy got his car & Holden Dave Jap Roy & I went to Rugs farm & saw a demonstration of plowing with a traction Engine  ground too wet & fair work was done  we all wrote to Leslie & L [Lavanda] in Clermont & past a very Social nice Evening  Maude & Carrol went to Fred K for the nite

September 16, 1915

September 16th 1915 in Desmoines  arose at 6-45  Slept well rain a little this morning & cleared off  a nice day  Mother went after breakfast to the M E Hospital to see John Brewer  I went to a business meeting of the brig [brigade] & hear the committes report  the one I was on Thanks & Acknowledgemts, Hays Chrmn, was well gotten up  our next meeting in 2 yrs to be held at Mt Vernon Iowa home of our Pres Rood  I then went to the hospital  found John doing well & Saw his arm examined with XRays  Mother Ellen & I went to a restaurant & got dinner  I pd one $  went back to the Savery at 2-30  Said good bye to some Comrades  Our brig posed for a picture this morn  I ordered one & pd one $ to Agt  Pd bill at the Savery for Room $8  went [walked] to RI [Rock Island] depot  I bot 2 tickets to Ioa city  pd 4,84  arrived near 9 in eve & took jitney to the Jefferson 50c & went to bed  Extra nice room & toilet

Jefferson Building (formerly a hotel), Iowa City, Iowa (credit: The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, August 1, 2013)
Jefferson Building (formerly a hotel), Iowa City, Iowa (credit: The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, August 1, 2013)

September 15, 1915

September 15 in Desmoines at the Savery  I took a doze salts  Some wet & drizzly  Met Add Taylor this morning & Mother & him went to the M. E. hospital to see J Brewer  We marched to auditorium & held a very interesting meeting  Committees were appointed  I was put on the committee for thanks & acknowledgements  I met many Comrades 7 of Co F are here & we are having a good time  Mother & I took dinner at the Savery 80c  PM we held reg [regiment] meeting  I had to give the minutes of the Clarinda meeting from memory as I forgot my book  they were unanimously approved & I advised no collection taken as I have $7 or more on hand  Mother & I took Supper at a restaurant 60c  drizzling rain  we went to campfire & listened to some real good talks  we went & came in a light rain