December 6, 1912

Fri 6 Clear & cold NW wind it turned Cold last nite & Also very hard I got up at midnite & put down butry [?] window I had a good fire in the furnace & house warm all nite Wasson came early to work but failed to come back PM he worked 4 hours I piled some wood in the cellar & chored before dinner Harvey & Dave Carr [sons of Isaac] came from Minneapolis

David Arthur Carr and Harvey Taylor Carr
David Arthur Carr and Harvey Taylor CarrD

PM I went to post meeting no fire or warmth in the hall  6 of us met in the PO [Post Office] [Ezra] Bradford [Thomas] Chandler [Amos or Rufus] Whetstine [Tom] McReynolds & Mayer & [Isaac] Carr & we voted to disband the post  I was very Sorry to be a party to this Step but it had to come Sooner or later & might as well Come now  we were truly Sorry to Sever our relations with the WRC the best Corps in the State & they have upheld & Encouraged our post in a way to command the respect & admiration of evry member & I was authorized to convey to our Sister organization our thanks & appreciation of their many Kindness social & financial  farewell Ed Hamlin Post GAR for Ever


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