March 12, 1912

Fri 12  A fine morn  arose 7-30 both well  Wilber Fleming Calld by fone  wil come to Hotel 2 PM  we took breakfast in Cafatera35c for both  Mother wrote to Harriet  Fleming & wife came on time & with a fine Chandler car  took us a long ride to point loma with fine view of Sandiego Bay & Theosophical homested [1] & beautiful grounds & one of US largest wireless telegraf Stations & forts & big guns  Many flying machines going  we spent a fine PM & had a good visit with our Ioa  [Iowa] friends who live here & are in the Chandler & Cleveland Car [2] trade  they brot us to our Hotel at Sunset  we took Supper in caffetera 55c  Sent letter to Harriet  cards to Dave Carol Marjorie Lavanda JR & Lois





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