March 11, 1912

The following passage describes some events Isaac and Margaret experienced on one of their trips to California.

Thursday March 11th 1912  Hotel Martin  fine Sunny day  we arose 7-40 both well & took breakfast at Cafatera 30c for both  I tok a walk & bot a bottle of Warners Safe Cure for Kidney truble pd 1,23  got a wrong bottle & had to go back  I took another walk & went to Union Natl Bank & drew $40 to pay for reservations plus $5  bot a paper pd 5c  we took dinner in Cafatera pd 92c  I borrowed a spoon of our landlord to take warners S C & later I bot a spoon & returned the borrowd spoon  we are fixt for Reservation  I went to Santafe Depot & paid a rr clerk $35,10 & got lower berth 6 on car 1 for LA the eve of 31 inst & leave LA at 10 AM Apr 1st in Compartment S Car 32 for Ioa via KC  we took Supper in Cafatera Pd 65c & to bed at 9 in eve

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