January 1, 1912

Mon Jan 1st  New years & real cold  clear & quiet  Leslie helped wash while I got Warren Palmer over & helped me build a fire in Shillers base burner  the fire went Entirely out last night & all her plants are froze  Shillers are away since Sat Eve & I have charge  Warren got a sak of charcoal & I got kindling & we soon had a fire  Rev Boatman Came this Eve & I went with him to church & after church we held quarterly conference  when we got home we had some apples & to bed at 10,30  a cold night  I went to the church to funeral of Girty Downing Jones  I have enjoyed Excellent good health all of the past year for which I am very thankful  I raised only about 15 or 20 bu of Small potatos  a very poor crop of corn on my truck patch but fine pole beans & lots of Sweet corn & lots of Sweet punkins & fed them to the cows & have 72 large squashes in the cellar  I buy apples as we need them 50 to 75c bu  I have $9000,00 on time deposit 21,160,00 notes  My 4 rent houses bring me 52,50 a mon[th]  I get $20 mon[th] pension 130,00 bank div per year  I have 5 fine shoats 1 big fat hog 2 horses 2 cows  Vic went moonlight hunting got 4 rabbits


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