June 13, 14, and 15, 1911 – Conclusion

This is the conclusion of Isaac’s report of the Muscatine State Encampment.

during the morning hours the Streets in the vicinity of Hotel Grand the gar hedqrs were literally jammed with the boys in blue & Evrybody good humored  no Saloons running & not one under the Enfluence of liquor  altho the Sun Shone hot & pavements were nearly blistering we had a most successful parade & ice cold buttermilk was furnished by the city in unlimited quantities  

one special Entertainment feature of the occasion was the river Exursion  the Excursion boat Collumbia made 3 trips & was well loaded Each time & when we left the boat the Capt invited all to come back for the next trip & Said to bring 400 more with you  the breeze was nice on the river  the boat neat & clean  comfortable Seats were in great plenty  an orchestra played in the cabin & on the upper deck a most Excellent fife & drum corps furnished the best of Martial music

Another pleasant feature were the Auto rides given by the Entertainment Committee  at any time you wanted a ride you could get it & in the very finest & most Comfortable carriages   

the city has 40 button factories  at any of them we were welcome & a competent guide furnished   I visited one of the largest & felt well paid for the visit  in Co [company] with C C Gardner I visited one of the largest Sash door & blind factories & it is wonderful to note the improved machinery & how well & fast doors &c can be made  another nice feature was no Extra prices for anything that we had to buy  all meals & Extra goods were furnished at 25c  

the next dpt Encampment is set for Mason City  Several other places wanted it & made big promises  the man from Mason City Said if we would only come there in 1912 they would use us so well & have Such a fine time Said he – you won’t care a darn whether you Ever go home  

the following resolution was past at our last meeting  Resolvd that to the City of Muscatine & its good people we give our thanks for the Excellent reception given us & for the generous hospitality  a hospitality which has included Evry Comrade & Evry member of the WRC & has made it a joy to be in this beautiful city made more beautiful by the many & fine decorations & the generosity in furnishing automobiles at our Service during our Entire Stay   we never Shall forget all the thoughtfull care that has been given us & this will allways be treasured as our Red letter Encampment


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