March 6, 1911

Monday 6th  Cool cloudy AM  looked like rain but faired away towards noon   I got right around & team ready & went to the pasture & Sowed timothy chaff from the mangers on the places where I burned brush   I put it on thick & I thot done a good job   got home Early  brought meat for dinner   I chopt & sawd Some wood in the alley   went down town awhile & after Supper I went at 7-30 to meet with our town Council   I found quite a crowd of influential at the Post office & at least 20 of us went to the Council meeting to throw our influence towards banishing pool tables & Billiard hall from this town   I was called on for a talk & Explained the Situation as best I could & we left the Council near 9 oclock   I feel as tho we will accomplish our object[ive] & rid our town of pool & billiards where so many Vic I am Sorry to say among the rest are spending their time & money  worse than foolish & til 12 oclock or after Evry night 

Whether Isaac and other townspeople were successful or not in ridding the town of the billiard tables in 1911, there were pool halls in Wellman photographed in 1923 and 1934.[1] 





[1] Photos courtesy of the Wellman Historical Society, Wellman, Iowa.


2 thoughts on “March 6, 1911”

  1. Oh, yes. Isaac had no tolerance for alcohol, gambling, and other activities that were such a draw for young people. His son, Vic, fell under the influence of such endeavors. It will be Vic’s undoing as we will see when I post the 1918 journal entries.

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