February 22, 1911

for Reply to Welcome of Post – feb 22 1911 

            Mrs President ladies of WRC & visitors  I greatly appreciate the kind words of welcome from our President  We greatly appreciate the pains patience & patriotism displayed by our WRC in providing this Entertainment, & in behalf of the post & other visitors I thank the ladies one & all for their kind invitation to be present at this memorial to one of our greatest Soldiers & Statesmen   for Entertainments of this kind anniversaries of our great men & patriotism in genl we depend largely on our WRC & they are Equal to the occasion Evry time 

            Altho they were organized in the far West their [WRC] influence was soon felt in the far E [East] in helping to raise Mt Vernon (the home of him [George Washington] whose birth we celebrate this Eve) from the Partial obscurity into which it had fallen thru decay & neglect   the influence has been materially felt away in Southern GA at Andersonville that prison pen & living grave to many of our brave Soldier boys  Now thru the influence of WRC transformed into a quiet peaceful cemetery well kept with Providence Spring yielding its clear Sparkling waters a living monument to gods goodness & Mercy, 

thruout the length & breadth of our land the influence of the WRC is felt in Evry Soldiers Home where many an old Soldier with his life companion live in a cottage by themselves Surrounded with Evry comfort, Evry Community that is fortunate Enough to have a WRC in their midst has reason to be proud of the organization   in Silence & without display they distribute their Charities a load of coal here & there food & clothing, delicacies for the sick, their reward an inner conscience that Says well done   a practical exemplification of the golden rule, their members are selected for their patriotism & intelligence an Elegant organization of women  It is an honor to any woman to be a member of the WRC & an Exhibition of Superior judgment when she signs an application for membership in that order  I have allways felt that when my wife joined the WRC She Exhibited the Same good judgment She did when she choose a husband


2 thoughts on “February 22, 1911”

  1. Yes, I think Isaac had a good sense of humor. I would like to have seen more of his humor in his journal entries, but I couldn’t copy everyone of them. That would have been time-consuming. Maybe I should make another road trip to Wellman.

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