January 1, 1911

Sunday January 1st 1911  Rain Some morning & Evening   New years day finds us all in our usual good health Except I am takeing Some kind of sore Eyes  it is going the rounds & is called Pink Eye  Ralph has it  Leslie went with me to church & I gave him one $ for New years gift  we made a New years dinner  Mr & Mrs Shiller Ralph & Isabel Nellie & Warren Ezra Bradford Roy Arden & Lilian & Leslie all here for dinner & we had a fine dinner  Mother made Some of her best Buns & Evrything Else in proportion & all seemed to Enjoy it  Leslie took T P McReynolds a good dinner  he is about the same  Some times a little better  we have had the best of health the past year  I weigh 145  that is more then for Several yrs  I raised 70 bu of rather small potatos  a light crop of corn but 20 Shox fine fodder in the barn  plenty pole beans  plenty Sweet corn  few punkins  all in all I am satisfied with my truck patch from my farm  I had my barn full of good hay & Sold $85 worth  I got $10 for Stalk pasture  I Sold 300 bu corn for $120 & I put in crib about 1050 bu of good corn  I have pd to date for Leslies Schooling this term $250  I have in bank on demand time certificates 8 or 9 thousand dollars  Notes Mortgages &c $16800,00 bank Stock par value $1550,00 actual value $2950,00  I have 5 good houses  I have 128 acres of Iowa land 2 cows 2 horses wagon Spring wagon one buggy plenty wood ready to burn to last a year  very much to be thankful for


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