January 7, 1910

Isaac wrote the following speech for the GAR installation services on January 7, 1910.

Ladies of WRC & Comrades 

            This being our first meeting in 1910 I wish you all a prosperous & happy new yr & may the prosperity of our land & the comforts of life that we Enjoy Compensate in part for the Sorrows of the past yr   

in assuming again the duties of this office for the 14 time I thank my Comrades for their unanimous & continued confidence  we have missed no meeting the past yr & the few in No [number] it was more than made up in TC&L [one of Isaac’s abbreviations] 8 applications were sent from our post for admissions to our Soldiers home & 2 of our Comrades are there now & Enjoying life & the comforts of home  I hear from them frequently & here is a bill of fare of their Christmas dinner & ladies & comrades the more I think of these things the more I am impressed with the thot [thought] that the Soldier of the Civil war is the best cared for has the most reason to be thankful & the least reason to complain of any man or Set of men living rich or poor 

in the first place he lived to return from the war to home & loved ones after many hardships & being shot at  no one but the recording Angel knows how many times & he Should feel thankful & if he was injured in any way he is provided with a pension according to his injury & when old age comes on & he is physically unable to earn a living he recvs a pension according to his age & in the mean time he is up held & Encouraged morally Socially & financially by the best organization of women in the US  an organization all that of Self is lost in the good they may do for others  they are indeed & in truth our auxillary & last but by no means least we have our Soldiers homes State & Natl where Evry comfort of life is furnished & all as free as the air we breathe truly the Soldier of the Civil war has much to be thankful for & little to complain of  

& ladies I want to thank you for meeting with us on this occasion & for the most Excellent dinner that we Enjoyed  the only criticism I have to make is you have done too much  you have taken too much pains as the Saying goes  the game is not worth the powder but deserving or undeserving we appreciate it  I assure you we do & I thank you not only as an organization but I thank you Each one individually for the good dinner & the most Excellent music furnished & the pains taken genly [generally] to make this a pleasant time & that Each comrade may Show his appreciation  I ask for a standing vote of thanks from Ed Hamlin Post to our sister organization  we now Stand  til called by Pres [president] WRC 


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