January 1, 1910

Saturday January 1st 1910  New years day & a very fine day  foggy & thawing & Eaves running melting snow in the morning but it cleared off  warm & thawed some all day  I took out my barn pump to get the frost peg out for fear it would freeze up & I had a time  a real steady hard forenoons work  Warren [Palmer?] helped me lift out one of the 18 in tiles & put it back  finally I have it all right & Safe from freeze  we are all well to commence the new year with thank goodness & we had our goose cooked & good dressing  Hickory nut cake & a good dinner generally & good appetites  Mel Whetstine called & brought me a check for my corn he sold & delivered to John Desing $190,45c at 53c bu  he also brought 2 lbs butter  pd him 60c  John Shutler Jr & his father called & I Sold the former my young heifer calf for $5 cash in hand & he takes it away next week by the middle  the past year has not been good for Crops around here  it was too dry when Corn was Earing & potatos setting  I raised a good load of corn & Cut the fodder up & got it in the barn in good fix  18 shox & _ [left blank] bushels of rather Small potatos  my early potatos were fine & large  I raised 6 loads of punkins but not ripe when the froze  an unprofitable crop  my bank acct is about Even  I have 195,00 on hand & over $9000 in demand certificates & 2,700 notes at 6%  15 ½ shares bank Stock & $11000,00 mortgage on my old farm  potatos all we want  wood up to do a year out of debt Except I owe $130 for tight plant?  we have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of


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