October 14, 1909

Thurs Oct 14  Not quite So cold  wind NW  Harvey Carr went away  After breakfast I carried in much wood & chored & finally got Started to digging potatos & dug 8 ½ bu  they are better than the first I dug  Nellie came from Maudes this Eve  Bryson paid Vic $12,50 one months rent up to Sept the first  I drew the cash 12,50 & gave Mother $7,00  I got 15c Steak for dinner & 15c bacon  this Eve Vic went to Moline with Rog  he seems anxious to be on the go somewhere  Mother helped me put the potatos in the cellar    

Note:  It is not like Isaac to write so little about his son, Harvey, who he hasn’t seen in some time.  One reason for this may be that Isaac learned Harvey had separated from his wife, Sarah, and their three children.  Just knowing Isaac through his journal entries, we could surmise that Isaac may not have been pleased.  It was a very short visit — perhaps for this reason.


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