May 28, 1909

Friday May 28  My 73 birth day & a very Sad one   Amanda My only Sister died this morning at 2 oclock without gaining Consciousness & about 3,30 I came home & slept awhile   My age tells more & more on me every year & although my health is reasonably good I feel very weak & no account at times specially in the morning   I bot [bought] 4 boxs Strawberries but they failed to come in the Eve  My cousins Mrs Carr[1] & Mrs Pope[2] came from Sigourney & went home with Bell for the night   I buy much bread & meat & Leslie came from Iowa City this pm on the freight   Bell went home this Eve & Maude came to help us

[1]  Mrs. Carr was Amanda (Pinkerton) Carr  (second wife of Samuel S. Carr, who is not related to Isaac Newton Carr, as can be determined).  Amanda was the daughter of John Pinkerton and Julia Darling per the 1925 Iowa State Census.

[2]  Mrs. Pope was Hannah (Pinkerton) Pope and the daughter of Cyrus and Martha Pinkerton.  Hannah was the wife of Alonzo J. Pope.


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