March 3, 1909

By 1909, the house needed repainting.  Isaac ordered paint in a letter dated March 3, 1909 to the John M. Smith Catalog as shown below:

Isaac's Letter to John M. Smith Company
Isaac’s Letter to John M. Smith Company

Wellman Iowa  Mar 3 1909, John M Smith co Chicago Ills


Enclosed find draft for $27,30 for which Send soon as Possible by freight the following Paints &c 

10 gals house pt 28 lt cream 85c                            8,50

7      “    roof  Roof green                                                3,85

5      “    white out side or inside                                4,25

3      “    light citron                                                         2,60

3      “    floor paint leather brown No 19B_25  2,85

5      “    pure linseed oil                                               2,00

5 lb Can Crevice filler 58c                                           58

3 gals light Canary house pt                                   2,67


I took these prices from paint Catalog lately Sent me but Saw no prices on pure linseed oil & put it 40c gal  if this is not right will make it right  if I send too much I know you will make it right 

 Resptly [Respectfully]

I X Carr Wellman Washington Co Iowa

Note:  The Gunther Christiansen family purchased Isaac’s home in 1973, and restored it to its former charm.  In October 1992 it was opened for periodic tours.  New owners purchased the home in March 2004.  Sadly, the home was in decline when visited in 2012 and 2014.


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