January 1, 1909

This is the speech Isaac gave at the GAR and WRC installation ceremony.

                                             For Installation Jan 1st 1909                                                                                   As Commander of Post 12th or 13th time

Ladies of WRC & Comrades

 It is not my intention to worry you with a very long Speech  you well know I Couldn’t do it if I wanted to & I well know that I wouldn’t do it if I could in again assuming the duties of this office  I feel that we have great cause to be thankful  we have cause for congratulation in the fact that no member of our organization has died Since last installation  we have no use for the blank death roll of members just recd from dptmt hdqrs in making our report for the year just closed  I thank my comrades for their good opinion & confidence in again electing me to this office  however I value the good will & confidence the TC&L of Each comrade for more than I value the office  I promise with your help to do all I can to build up & Keep up our organization

 I expect to give it my Earnest attention & my best Effort & to comply as near as possible with order No 4 which was read at our last meeting & I hope all will rember & put to practical use the words of our installing officer that we listened to a little while ago when he Said I now present to you the officers of your choice  I counsel you to help them in the discharge of their duties to Strengthen their hands & Encourage them in their labors with your help he says their term of office may be very Successful  Without it = well they might as well not have been elected or words to that Effect & truthful words & very aptly spoken  I am confident that I shall need the help & Encouragement of Evry comrade & I am just as confident that we will all need the Encouragement of our Sister organization in the years to come just as we have needed it & recd it in yrs gone by

Let us Each one So conduct himself as to be worthy in a measure of their respect & consideration  there are other good & patriotic organizations of Women Soldiers aid Societys & ladies of the gar & others but we have only one auxillary & Surely no other organization of men is Sustained & Encouraged by So good an organization of women  no other organization that I have Ever heard or read of is so Royally Entertained & with Such pains & patience & patriotism as Ed Hamlin Post is Entertained on installation day & on Evry hand we have undoubted Evidence of help & Encouragement both Social & financial  here we have our flag & here we have our desk at which our adjt [adjutant] does the business of the post & the gavel I hold in my hand a most appropriate gift brought from Mt Vernon on the Potomac river the home of Washington made from a tree planted by Washingtons own hand & this marble Slab once part of a mantel in the White House in Washington City & used by Pres Roosevelt & many other Presidents & notable men til finally thru the instrumentality of Ed Hamlin WRC 88 it found its way to our table additional testimony that Ed Hamlin Post has an auxillary in deed & in fact & last but not least I must not forget our grand good dinner composed of the best that Ioa affords & more too & gotten up in the best Style of culinary art   Surely we are favored as an organization beyond anything we might Expect or deserve  Comrades I cant find words to Express my Appreciation of these favors,  ladies I can only Say I thank you, I thank you for meeting with us in this joint installation  I thank you for the grand good dinner, I thank you for the best of music furnished for this occasion, & now that Each Comrade may Express his appreciation of these favors I ask for a Standing vote of thanks from Ed Hamlin Post                                                                 


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