January 1, 1909

Friday January 1st 1909  Quite Cold in the morning but a fine day  I took a dizzy Spell & felt very poorly til near 11 am then I dressed in my gar blue which Leslie had pressed & brushed  Mother & Nellie went to gar Hall about 10 am  I went near noon  Post & WRC hold joint installation & we had a grand good time  I was installed Commander of the post & mad[e] a short talk to the post & thanked the WRC  the ladies Service was very impressive & I Enjoyed it  after the meeting I called on Comrade Hastings  I found him quite poorly living alone  the women Sent him a good dinner  they also sent dinners to Longwell & wife Amos Hull & wife  the past year has been a grand good year & prosperous 

Crops good Except oats were mostly light but from 40 to 45c bu  I had 120 bu & Sold them for 44c  Corn best I have had in 10 yrs  My Share 800 bu (Isaac wrote “guess” above the 800 bushels) worth at least 50c bu  I raised 1 big load of Corn 35 bu good & very few Squashes & punkins on my pasture & I raised 75 bu potatos at digging time  I have 3 bu clover seed & hay  Enough to do me  Mel Whetstine farms my place & pd me $25 for Stalk pasture & clover hay 

My Health has been good til lately  I have dizzy Spells  am taking medicine from Dr. Wells  I have $2700,00 at 6% & $4500,00 in bank  none in pocket  $14120,00 yet on my farm  plenty of wood for more than a yr 

Mother & I made a trip to Shiloh in Apr & another to Oskaloosa this fall  Leslie in School at Ioa City  Vic Still in the bank


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