January 1, 1908 (Part II)

I cut of & bound 16 Shox big corn & 8 shox Sweet corn  Joe Farley & wife visited here 2 nights & he helped me one day with the Corn in hauling & one day digging potatos & they went to new Orleans La  Dave & Add Taylor came & Staid one month 

Leslie Started to School in Iowa City 17 Sept for a 6 yrs Course probably in medicine[1]  is taking german & so far I have paid for him Since he started to school  $150,50 but think it money well Spent as he so far tries to learn & conducts himself Straight  is a member of the ymca  

We have all had reasonably good health the past yr for which I am truly thankful  About the first part of June I Commenced taking treatment for Cure of my hernia right Side from Dr Summers of Columbus Junction to  pay one hundred dollars when cured  I paid the money before we Started on our trip & was not bothered any till I had a hard Spell of Coughing in Iowa City Coming home & Since then it has been more or less weak but does not hurt me any & now I feel that I am about cured again but will wear my truss till February & then try it off again   

Hix raised for me 115 bu oats & I Sold them from Machine 40c bu & about 500 bu of midling corn  my barn full of fair hay & $16 worth I sold Roy  my finances are in good shape  I have yet 14120,00 in the old farm $6000,00 in bank & $2500,00 after debts  3 Shares Stock in Keota farmers bank & 12 ½ Shares in the Wellman Savings Bank  I got as usual on New yrs day $30 a[t] 10% on my Keota bank Stock  C Bond pd me 98,40 & Roy $60,00  my 4 houses bring me $50 a month  I get $15 per mon pension  Surely we have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of  Vic Still holds his job in the bank at $20 a month & is Steady to work  we have a new Saddle & bridle  a new 12 in globe  put in a new 24 in grate & I am very very thankful to him who doeth all things well  good bye old year

Conclusion of January 1, 1908 journal entry.

[1] Leslie would go on to graduate from the Northwestern College of Medicine in Iowa City and begin a practice in Cleremont, Iowa


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