February 28, 1911

Tuesday feb 28  A nice Sunny drying day  I was down & got meat for dinner hamburg steak 25c  I paid Loren Bidwell $6,25c for wreath of flowers for Cora[1]  I sorted over a wood box of potatos & have 3 bbls yet to Sort  I got 25c apples & 25c oranges

[1] LeRoy Holden Carr’s wife, Cora, died on February 12, 1900

February 27, 1911

Monday February 27th  Colder but thawed all day  we arose a little Early & washed  Roy took Harriet to Keota for a visit  I sawd & chopt a little wood in the alley  Fred Klockenteger called me by phone to come down town to See about abolishing the billiard tables  I talked with Several who were in favor of doing away with them  Bidwells paid rent 12,50 to Mar 28 next  we recd a letter from Leslie  he is well & doing well

February 22, 1911

for Reply to Welcome of Post – feb 22 1911 

            Mrs President ladies of WRC & visitors  I greatly appreciate the kind words of welcome from our President  We greatly appreciate the pains patience & patriotism displayed by our WRC in providing this Entertainment, & in behalf of the post & other visitors I thank the ladies one & all for their kind invitation to be present at this memorial to one of our greatest Soldiers & Statesmen   for Entertainments of this kind anniversaries of our great men & patriotism in genl we depend largely on our WRC & they are Equal to the occasion Evry time 

            Altho they were organized in the far West their [WRC] influence was soon felt in the far E [East] in helping to raise Mt Vernon (the home of him [George Washington] whose birth we celebrate this Eve) from the Partial obscurity into which it had fallen thru decay & neglect   the influence has been materially felt away in Southern GA at Andersonville that prison pen & living grave to many of our brave Soldier boys  Now thru the influence of WRC transformed into a quiet peaceful cemetery well kept with Providence Spring yielding its clear Sparkling waters a living monument to gods goodness & Mercy, 

thruout the length & breadth of our land the influence of the WRC is felt in Evry Soldiers Home where many an old Soldier with his life companion live in a cottage by themselves Surrounded with Evry comfort, Evry Community that is fortunate Enough to have a WRC in their midst has reason to be proud of the organization   in Silence & without display they distribute their Charities a load of coal here & there food & clothing, delicacies for the sick, their reward an inner conscience that Says well done   a practical exemplification of the golden rule, their members are selected for their patriotism & intelligence an Elegant organization of women  It is an honor to any woman to be a member of the WRC & an Exhibition of Superior judgment when she signs an application for membership in that order  I have allways felt that when my wife joined the WRC She Exhibited the Same good judgment She did when she choose a husband

January 1, 1911

Sunday January 1st 1911  Rain Some morning & Evening   New years day finds us all in our usual good health Except I am takeing Some kind of sore Eyes  it is going the rounds & is called Pink Eye  Ralph has it  Leslie went with me to church & I gave him one $ for New years gift  we made a New years dinner  Mr & Mrs Shiller Ralph & Isabel Nellie & Warren Ezra Bradford Roy Arden & Lilian & Leslie all here for dinner & we had a fine dinner  Mother made Some of her best Buns & Evrything Else in proportion & all seemed to Enjoy it  Leslie took T P McReynolds a good dinner  he is about the same  Some times a little better  we have had the best of health the past year  I weigh 145  that is more then for Several yrs  I raised 70 bu of rather small potatos  a light crop of corn but 20 Shox fine fodder in the barn  plenty pole beans  plenty Sweet corn  few punkins  all in all I am satisfied with my truck patch from my farm  I had my barn full of good hay & Sold $85 worth  I got $10 for Stalk pasture  I Sold 300 bu corn for $120 & I put in crib about 1050 bu of good corn  I have pd to date for Leslies Schooling this term $250  I have in bank on demand time certificates 8 or 9 thousand dollars  Notes Mortgages &c $16800,00 bank Stock par value $1550,00 actual value $2950,00  I have 5 good houses  I have 128 acres of Iowa land 2 cows 2 horses wagon Spring wagon one buggy plenty wood ready to burn to last a year  very much to be thankful for

January 7, 1910

Isaac wrote the following speech for the GAR installation services on January 7, 1910.

Ladies of WRC & Comrades 

            This being our first meeting in 1910 I wish you all a prosperous & happy new yr & may the prosperity of our land & the comforts of life that we Enjoy Compensate in part for the Sorrows of the past yr   

in assuming again the duties of this office for the 14 time I thank my Comrades for their unanimous & continued confidence  we have missed no meeting the past yr & the few in No [number] it was more than made up in TC&L [one of Isaac’s abbreviations] 8 applications were sent from our post for admissions to our Soldiers home & 2 of our Comrades are there now & Enjoying life & the comforts of home  I hear from them frequently & here is a bill of fare of their Christmas dinner & ladies & comrades the more I think of these things the more I am impressed with the thot [thought] that the Soldier of the Civil war is the best cared for has the most reason to be thankful & the least reason to complain of any man or Set of men living rich or poor 

in the first place he lived to return from the war to home & loved ones after many hardships & being shot at  no one but the recording Angel knows how many times & he Should feel thankful & if he was injured in any way he is provided with a pension according to his injury & when old age comes on & he is physically unable to earn a living he recvs a pension according to his age & in the mean time he is up held & Encouraged morally Socially & financially by the best organization of women in the US  an organization all that of Self is lost in the good they may do for others  they are indeed & in truth our auxillary & last but by no means least we have our Soldiers homes State & Natl where Evry comfort of life is furnished & all as free as the air we breathe truly the Soldier of the Civil war has much to be thankful for & little to complain of  

& ladies I want to thank you for meeting with us on this occasion & for the most Excellent dinner that we Enjoyed  the only criticism I have to make is you have done too much  you have taken too much pains as the Saying goes  the game is not worth the powder but deserving or undeserving we appreciate it  I assure you we do & I thank you not only as an organization but I thank you Each one individually for the good dinner & the most Excellent music furnished & the pains taken genly [generally] to make this a pleasant time & that Each comrade may Show his appreciation  I ask for a standing vote of thanks from Ed Hamlin Post to our sister organization  we now Stand  til called by Pres [president] WRC 

January 1, 1910

Saturday January 1st 1910  New years day & a very fine day  foggy & thawing & Eaves running melting snow in the morning but it cleared off  warm & thawed some all day  I took out my barn pump to get the frost peg out for fear it would freeze up & I had a time  a real steady hard forenoons work  Warren [Palmer?] helped me lift out one of the 18 in tiles & put it back  finally I have it all right & Safe from freeze  we are all well to commence the new year with thank goodness & we had our goose cooked & good dressing  Hickory nut cake & a good dinner generally & good appetites  Mel Whetstine called & brought me a check for my corn he sold & delivered to John Desing $190,45c at 53c bu  he also brought 2 lbs butter  pd him 60c  John Shutler Jr & his father called & I Sold the former my young heifer calf for $5 cash in hand & he takes it away next week by the middle  the past year has not been good for Crops around here  it was too dry when Corn was Earing & potatos setting  I raised a good load of corn & Cut the fodder up & got it in the barn in good fix  18 shox & _ [left blank] bushels of rather Small potatos  my early potatos were fine & large  I raised 6 loads of punkins but not ripe when the froze  an unprofitable crop  my bank acct is about Even  I have 195,00 on hand & over $9000 in demand certificates & 2,700 notes at 6%  15 ½ shares bank Stock & $11000,00 mortgage on my old farm  potatos all we want  wood up to do a year out of debt Except I owe $130 for tight plant?  we have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of

October 14, 1909

Thurs Oct 14  Not quite So cold  wind NW  Harvey Carr went away  After breakfast I carried in much wood & chored & finally got Started to digging potatos & dug 8 ½ bu  they are better than the first I dug  Nellie came from Maudes this Eve  Bryson paid Vic $12,50 one months rent up to Sept the first  I drew the cash 12,50 & gave Mother $7,00  I got 15c Steak for dinner & 15c bacon  this Eve Vic went to Moline with Rog  he seems anxious to be on the go somewhere  Mother helped me put the potatos in the cellar    

Note:  It is not like Isaac to write so little about his son, Harvey, who he hasn’t seen in some time.  One reason for this may be that Isaac learned Harvey had separated from his wife, Sarah, and their three children.  Just knowing Isaac through his journal entries, we could surmise that Isaac may not have been pleased.  It was a very short visit — perhaps for this reason.

October 13, 1909

Wednesday Oct 13  Cold & a NW wind  it begins to act & feel much like winter  I cut & piled my last plant of Sweet corn  I hauled 5 loads heaping wagon beds full of punkins mostly green & badly frost bit  it froze hard last night  I put about half the punkins the ripest in the Cellar  the green frost bit in the barn & will feed them to the Cows as fast as I can  Harvey Carr [1] came from Minnesota & is here to Stay to night  we have fire in the grate

[1]  Harvey Taylor Carr is Isaac’s oldest, and only, child from his first marriage to Elizabeth Taylor who was Margaret Taylor Carr’s older sister.

October 12, 1909

Tuesday October 12th 1909  Cold dark cloudy  Short Sunshines & flurries of Snow  I cut off my colladium & covered the Stubs  I cut off the dahlies & canna  all vegetation froze this morning  we recd letter from Leslie  Card from Nora & letter from Harriet  they have moved & their address is 6243 Wayne Ave [possibly still in the town of Delta, Keokuk County, Iowa]

May 30, 1909

Sunday May 30  Partly cloudy sultry feels like rain   Mrs Carr & Mrs Pope went to By Wilsons at 10-15  Maude & I went to gar [Grand Army of the Republic] hall & with a doz or so of post and wrc [Women’s Relief Corps] Each   We Marched to the ME Church & listened to a not very appropriate Memorial Sermon by Ben Woods   Hawk & Lindsay assisting   A Naidly girl came to work for us   I called on the pres of the WRC[1] Mrs Lewis   She was not able to be out to day   I found her feeling hopefull   Maude & I sponged Mother off & put on clean clothes

[1]  Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)