July 18, 1907

July 18.  Looks like rain this morning but don’t think it will rain.  Pulled weeds for pigs and hoed some.  Bell went down to Jesse Gardners to day.  Bought meat .15 and pineapple .25 to day.  Finished reading my second book on Lincoln’s life.  I think they are fine and will start the third book to day.  Got two cards from the folks to day.  Also got the letter from Aunt Emma Carr saying Uncle Sam died the 6th of Feb.[1]

[Isaac]  July 18  a fine Sunny dry day  arose both feeling well  after a good breakfast Started for grand Kanas Camp  arrived AM & teams took us on farther to see the grand sights  we Enjoyed it  to camp for dinner PM we gave our driver 50c Each & he guides us to most magnificent scenery to very bottom of big falls by uncle toms Cabin  at camp 4 bears enlivened the Eve & 2 deer came  good fire in tent fire out side & [in] camp

[1] Samuel Carr (1838-1907), Isaac Newton Carr’s, younger brother.  Samuel and his second wife, Emmeline Cowan Carr lived in Douglas County, Oregon.


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