July 16, 1907

Tuesday July 16.  Another very rainey morning.  Rains all time now.  Did the choers.  Pigs eat good.  Pulled weeds for them from strawberry patch.  Bought meat .15 eggs .24 to day.  Mowed the lawn this P.M.  Rained hard this evening.  Went to band practice.

 [Isaac]  Tuesday July 16  Cool & mostly clear  we walked all the AM with a girl guide & had a real nice time among the geysers  teams Came & took us back to Camp  we bought 17 picture Cards 40c & 12 one c [cent] stamps  PM went again with the girl guide  this time went west  Saw Riverside geyser & 4 others & many other sights & back to Supper at 5-30  Saw a black bear & we went thru the Store house of this Camp  Evry thing in Plenty  After Supper Mother & I went a mile to old faithful inn & Saw Some Extra fine broncho riding  Cold Evening


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