July 15, 1907

Monday July 15.  A very rainey morning.  Got up early and done chores and then helped Bell wash.  Ralph helped some.  He was over Sunday and stayed until Wensday.  Bought meat .15 corn .10 ice .05 this morning.  Weeds are growing fine.  Uncle Hole [Benjamin Holden Taylor, Margaret’s brother] is over to Mauds now working on some furnisher [furniture?]. 

[July 15 – Isaac] Looks like it would clear off now in Yellowstone Park  cold Showery dark & Chilly all day  hailed & Snowed a little  we Slept well last night in a tent at Willow Springs Camp while it rained  Started at 7 AM & saw deer  it is too cold for comfort  wore gloves & over coat all day  Saw old growler & many geysers & much Stinking Steam  Stopped for dinner in a tent with good fine light biscuit  travel about 18 miles to lower Morris basen & saw old faithful geyser  real cold fire in tent 7 of us in tent  good beds  good Supper &c


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