July 14, 1907

Sunday July 14.  Was raining when I woke up this morning but has almost cleared off now.  Went to Sunday school.  Vic sung a solo at church this morning.  Bought 20c worth of meat for dinner this morning. 

 [July 14 – Isaac]  Arose late feeling good  Slept well  ariv at Livingston at 7 AM & got Coffe bread & butter in depot 15c each  bot tickets thru park with Wiley Co [company] pd $80,00  took Cars for Gardner [Gardiner, Montana] pd 3,10 Each  ariv Gardner at 10,10 AM & sent 5 cards home  took dinner at Co [Wiley company?]  hotel  piled into Stages & Commenced trip thru park  viewed by hot springs & camped at Willow Springs  took a walk  saw bear & Elk and snow 2 ft deep  had Kodak Picture taken by NY man  Picked some flowers  we had 2 short sermons in camp  went to bed


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