April 3, 1907

Wed Apr 3  A very fine warm Spring day  I Set out 4 or 5 rows of Strawberries next to Shiller’s in the north patch  3 rows Dunlap got of McReynolds & very poor plants  I gave him one $ for them Monday & one & a half row next to Shillers  I got of our own from the SE corner of the S patch asparagus just coming up  I boiled the last of the Small potatos for pigs  PM  Mother & I went to Mr. Yoders funeral in ME Church by Rev Boatman  buried in Wellman Cemetery  Roy sent a single horse & buggy for Mother & I & he borrowed my team for a carriage  Vic & I were going up to furrow out potato this Eve but it rained a little & kept drizzling & we didn’t go  I raked around grapes &c & put the rakings in the yard  I turned the Cherry cow by herself in the barn as it seems like a rainy night & she is likely to Calve  20c steak


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