March 1, 1907

Friday March 1st  Muddy damp thawing Cloudy Chilly  I ground 2 ax’s knive &c & about 10 AM G E Moore & wife came from our old farm to fix out papers for the final consummation of the trade that takes from me our dear old home that for So long I thought I would never part with while I lived but I cant work much & don’t feel able to See to things & keep them up as they ought to be kept up & renters tear down but as a rule don’t build up & none of my Children want to farm So it goes  Moore paid me mortgage for ($14120) fourteen thousand one hundred & twenty dollars & a chk for ($1500,00) fifteen hundred dollars & I gave him a deed to the place  the abstract had to go thru Court & we will get it probably latter part of this month  Moores took dinner here & Seem like nice folks  I took Stockholders Certificate for $1500,00 1 yr 6%  Mother finished Nellies dress


2 thoughts on “March 1, 1907”

    1. I’m glad to have seen the farm house once again! I didn’t realize that the Moore family purchased the farm from Isaac first. I was told the Rowe family was the first buyer. Good to have the correct information.

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