July 21, 1907

Sunday July 21.  A fine day.  Went to Sunday school.  A good crowd.  Got up early this morning and washed buggy and use it a while this P.M.  First time I used the team since the folks left.  They looked fine to.  Pigs are doing fine.  They eat 24 ears a day now.  Bought meat .15 for dinner.


July 20, 1907

Isaac did not add any entries for July 20th or 21st.

 Saturday July 20.  A very rainey day.  Rained nearly all the forenoon.  I worked for Shiller & S.  Played with the band.  Isobelle went to Riverside [to] day.  I and Vic got dinner down town but ate supper at home.  Bought corn .10 breakfast food .25 to day.

July 19, 1907

Friday July 19.  A nice day.  But rained early this morning.  Pulled weeds for the pigs.  Went down town early this morning and got meat to boil to make noodels .15c also got 1 doz egg .12  Pulled weeds on the hill this evening. 

[Isaac – July 19] Sunny most delightful day  aftr good breakfast  Started at 7-30 for trip  had a fine drive  Saw several deer & 2 Spoted fawns & took dinner at Swan lake Camp  I wrote to bro [brother] Sam[1] & to Isabel & mailed them at Gardner where we got mail from Vic Isabel & Nora  got Supper at Gardner  then took Cars to Livingston & put up at Hotel at 10 PM

[1] At this point in time, Isaac didn’t know that his brother had died back in February.  Isaac planned to see Sam when they arrived in Oregon.

July 18, 1907

July 18.  Looks like rain this morning but don’t think it will rain.  Pulled weeds for pigs and hoed some.  Bell went down to Jesse Gardners to day.  Bought meat .15 and pineapple .25 to day.  Finished reading my second book on Lincoln’s life.  I think they are fine and will start the third book to day.  Got two cards from the folks to day.  Also got the letter from Aunt Emma Carr saying Uncle Sam died the 6th of Feb.[1]

[Isaac]  July 18  a fine Sunny dry day  arose both feeling well  after a good breakfast Started for grand Kanas Camp  arrived AM & teams took us on farther to see the grand sights  we Enjoyed it  to camp for dinner PM we gave our driver 50c Each & he guides us to most magnificent scenery to very bottom of big falls by uncle toms Cabin  at camp 4 bears enlivened the Eve & 2 deer came  good fire in tent fire out side & [in] camp

[1] Samuel Carr (1838-1907), Isaac Newton Carr’s, younger brother.  Samuel and his second wife, Emmeline Cowan Carr lived in Douglas County, Oregon.

July 17, 1907

Wensday July 17.  A nice morning.  The first nice morning for several days.  Gathered up my laundry and sent it away.  Mowed some grass with sickle.  Pulled weeds for pigs.  Every thing pretty quiet in town to day.  Bought meat .15 bread .20 oatmeal .25 to day.

[Isaac – July 17]  A fine Sunny day  Arose both feeling well  after a good breakfast  Mother has headache  to Yellowstone lake for dinner  a pleasant chilly drive  Snow in patches both sides road & musquetoes in the middle [of the road?] very annoying  we took a boat ride on the lake to Island & Saw buffalo Elk &c  35 miles   went to lake hotel & camped  good tent Supper & beds  Went Early to bed & it rained & rained  Mother Sick all day

July 16, 1907

Tuesday July 16.  Another very rainey morning.  Rains all time now.  Did the choers.  Pigs eat good.  Pulled weeds for them from strawberry patch.  Bought meat .15 eggs .24 to day.  Mowed the lawn this P.M.  Rained hard this evening.  Went to band practice.

 [Isaac]  Tuesday July 16  Cool & mostly clear  we walked all the AM with a girl guide & had a real nice time among the geysers  teams Came & took us back to Camp  we bought 17 picture Cards 40c & 12 one c [cent] stamps  PM went again with the girl guide  this time went west  Saw Riverside geyser & 4 others & many other sights & back to Supper at 5-30  Saw a black bear & we went thru the Store house of this Camp  Evry thing in Plenty  After Supper Mother & I went a mile to old faithful inn & Saw Some Extra fine broncho riding  Cold Evening

July 15, 1907

Monday July 15.  A very rainey morning.  Got up early and done chores and then helped Bell wash.  Ralph helped some.  He was over Sunday and stayed until Wensday.  Bought meat .15 corn .10 ice .05 this morning.  Weeds are growing fine.  Uncle Hole [Benjamin Holden Taylor, Margaret’s brother] is over to Mauds now working on some furnisher [furniture?]. 

[July 15 – Isaac] Looks like it would clear off now in Yellowstone Park  cold Showery dark & Chilly all day  hailed & Snowed a little  we Slept well last night in a tent at Willow Springs Camp while it rained  Started at 7 AM & saw deer  it is too cold for comfort  wore gloves & over coat all day  Saw old growler & many geysers & much Stinking Steam  Stopped for dinner in a tent with good fine light biscuit  travel about 18 miles to lower Morris basen & saw old faithful geyser  real cold fire in tent 7 of us in tent  good beds  good Supper &c