January 1, 1907

Tues Jan 1st 1907  New years day  Moderate Cloudy & thawed some  I gave Mother $2 & She went down town AM & I gave Leslie one $ & he took the morning 10 AM train to visit Harriet at Delta [Keokuk County, Iowa] & we all took dinner by invitation at Amandas & a real good visit & dinner  Lyman Bradford just getting over a Severe sickness was able to be there & Maude Bradford from Minnesota  we are all in good health & have Small reason to Complain  I raised the past yr plenty of Strawberries & raspberries & blk berries currants & gooseberries  a good garden  85 bu of fine potatos & 21 Shox of Corn & got it in & most of it in the barn in fine order  we got 25 or 30 bu of Apples from our old farm & probably the last we will get from there as I have Sold the farm  277 acres for $60 an acre & recd $1000,00 down  I couldn’t look after it any more & the buildings were going to rack & no one Seemed interested in looking after them but me & I Couldn’t  it was with many pangs of regret that I let the old farm go where I Spent my best manhood days did my best work & my best planning & raised a big family  I am very thankful that we are all So well provided for Especially Mother & I in our old age  our income is now much more than our needs  My [Civil War] pension was raised this last year to $12,00 per month & as I leave most of the money in my farm at 5 per ct the intrest will be much more than the rent  Roy was paying Hicks yet has the Hughbanks place rented & I get 2/5  I got 200 bu of good oats & about 800 bu fine Corn  my barn nearly full of good hay & plenty of Straw & from that place punkins  my financial affairs are in good Shape  I have fifteen thousand Six hundred & twenty dollars yet in the old farm  over four thousand dollars in the bank & three thousand three hundred & forty dollars at intrest  twelve and a half Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank & three Shares in the Keota Savings bank  An Extra good investment  I get a ten per ct dividend Each first of Jan  I got Certificate for $30 yesterday  also $98,40c from Connie Bradford intrest  my 4 houses here in town bring me in $45,00 a month  Surely we have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of  we have as good health as old people can Expect  My great regret the past year is the very poor & feeble attempt Vic made in the university in Studying medicine  he Staid less than 2 months & would Stay to Study any longer  So he came home after Spending $150,00 or more & all for nothing but perhaps it was best for him to quit when he did if he had no mind nor inclination for Such work  the Sooner he quit the better, since he has a good position as clerk in the Wellman Savings bank & I do really hope he will be Steady & keep this job  we have our furnace room in the Cellar near half full of good dry wood  furnace & Stove & 6 cords green wood north of the house & 2 or 3 loads in the alley & lots of kindling in the buggy house  we have a bu of good turnips  3 Sweet punkins  Some Squashes  I resigned the Secretary of horse Co [committee?] & got out of being Commander of the post  I was Secy about 20 yrs & Commander 9 yrs  good bye to the old yr  Welcome the new  May we all be as well off one yr from now                                                               I N Carr Signature


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