September 21, 1905

Thursday Sept 21  An Extra fine nice day  Just Such a day as it was 40 yrs ago when Mag & I went to Washington & were married by Judge Brown  Amanda & Allice Leighton & Dave Taylor went with us & I ordered dinner for all at the Ioa House & found V W Carris on the Street & invited him to dinner with us  we Came back to father Taylors for the night  I had a new wagon & a Span of half broke Colts  a board for a Spring seat & we had a fine trip & I can truthfully Say that in Choosing a wife I could not have done better  of course I thought So then & now  I hold to the same opinion  Vic & I dipped 4 pails of water out of the Cistern & I done Some hauling & worked around the new house PM  Mag went with Bell to Maudes & will Stay til Sat  I pd Henry Bartholomew $2 on cistern


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