January 1, 1904

Friday January 1st 1904  New Years day  A bright Cold morning but got cloudy & turned Coldr towards Eve  Post met & we had joint installation with the WRC  The ladies served a most Excellent dinner at the Hall at noon & post met at 11 am & practiced awhile before dinner  I invited Comrade Henderson 2 ms west of here of the 11th Ioa  he came & I got him to join our post  we had 18 or 19 present & a fine time  I was installed Commander the 6th time  I gave Mother one dollar to pay WRC dues & Nellie 2 dollars  we came home in good time to chore  I recd a certificate of deposit from farmers Bank of Keota where I have 3 Shares of Stock for $30 being 10% on my investment  an Extra good bank & good men  the past year was very wet & unprofitable  generally tho I have no reason to complain  I raised 100 bu good potatos at digging time worth 75c bu & 100 bu good corn worth 35c bu  I raised this on the Larew land & plenty tomatos Cabbage Cucumbers punkins & Squashes  here at home we had berries in plenty for near 3 months  first Strawberries about 1st June then Raspberries  then blackberries all in great plenty  Some potatos beans & green corn  we had 3 pieces from Early till after frost near the first of Oct & this last fall was the best fall for grass I ever knew & our cows do fine  Vic & I made a road across the N End of our pasture where before it was impassable & we got much wood  we have all had good health the past year for which I am very thankful  I got between 6 & 7 hundred bu of good corn from the Hughbanks place musty black clover hay enough to do my 3 horses 2 cows & I have 1 sow weighs 400  8 Shoats at least 60 lbs each  I Sold my ½ stalks on the Hughbanks place for $10  I have $2975,00 at intrest & have $3870,00 of time deposits at 6%  I have very little money to my credit on the banks books probably 8 or 10$  My health has been uncommon good So far this last summer fall & winter & I believe berries are the prime cause Especially the Strawberries  we enjoyed a nice visit from John & Ellen Brewer the last Summer & Mother Leslie & I Spent a week at Sylvias in Desmoines while the State fair was on but rain & mud Spoiled Some of our visit  my crops on the Hughbanks places are poor about 200 bu of fair oats & my town crib 2/3 full of good corn & I Sold Roy 325 bu good corn at 35c a bu  I Sent Nellie a term to Mt. Pleasant to Music School cost over $80  I let Vic take a trip to Desmoines to See Sylvia & get teeth fixed &c  he & Nellie deserve all they get & are good children also  Leslie I have no fault to find with him & I am very thankful for all I have had the past year & hope I may get along as well the next year  we have much to be thankful for & little to complain of


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