September 21, 1903

Monday Sept 21  A very fine day much like it was 38 yrs ago our 38th wedding Anniversary  how fast the time flies & how thankful I am that we are both Spared & in good health  we truly have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of  we have raised a large & nice family of Children that we are proud of all but one [Isaac could be referring to his son, Ezra, who died in 1879]  & we have Saved Enough So we have plenty in our old age & we are both Able to work all that is necissary  We arose Early this morning & I made 2 fires & we washed  the boys went to School & I dug potatos up at the pasture  the boys got up the horses at noon  Bell Came PM & Otto brought us Some Sweet apples for preserves in the AM  I got the wagon all ready for the boys & went up again PM to dig potatos & the boys came up & we hauled home 32 bu of fine potatos


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