October 14, 1902

Tuesday October 14 1902  A fine pleasant cool day  froze quite hard this morning & I found a cousins son, Worth Pope, one of the head clerks at the Hotel  we had not met for years  when he was a little boy he was at our house on the farm  he seemed glad to meet us & when I handed a $10 bill to pay our bed & breakfast he would take no pay & we had to hurry away to take the 8-30 train for Washington Ioa where we arrived at 10-30 & found Vic at the depot  he & I went to Stable & got our team  paid 20c & drove to depot & got our baggage & drove to Miles Bradfords & found only a girl at home  She used us well  gave dinner & we had our own horse feed & fed our team  then Called on Al McElwains  found our friend & companion of boyhood days  Charlotte Leighton Carpenter there & recently had Suffered a partial stroke of paralysis & is nearly helpless  it Seemed very Sad  we only Staid a short time  hitched up our team  drove to Old Mr. Gardners  found Cam & wife & we all with bag & baggage Provided in & drove thro the mud to Wellman where we arrived Safe & Sound & feeling very thankful  about Sundown found Sylvia & 2 kids & Nora & Allie & 2 kids here & all out to the Stile [1] to meet us & all talking at once  we Soon had Supper & Spent a pleasant Evening & went to bed in our own bed  once more feeling very thankful to be at home among our Children once more

[1] The definition of stile at http://www.dictionary.com states that it is “a series of steps or rungs by means of which person may pass over a wall or fence that remains a barrier to sheep or cattle”.


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